Thursday, March 24, 2011

Massacre in Daraa

The following videos were taken earlier today. They expose the massacre of defenseless civilians in the city of Daraa, Syria, by the security forces (Warning, very graphic). The footage is of helpless men trying to dodge bullets while attempting to attend to the scattered bodies of their brethren who have been just shot and are still bleeding. Thus far, the estimates are 60-150 civilians killed in the city over the past 48 hours.

This video is of plain-clothed security elements apprehending people randomly off the street. These images are the manifest terror that Syrians have been subjected to for decades.

Personal Reflections:

These images are shockingly unfamiliar to my generation of Syrians, as we were too young to remember the Hama massacre. Yet, these images hit home in ways that moved me to the core. This real footage of a war-like situation that was soundtrack-ed by Syrian accented cries of fear and helplessness invoked a terrifying familiarity. I could not help but imagine my family and those that I grew up with being subjected to such horror.

This cannot stand.

This will not stand.

Silent Syrians, what will it take to move you to speak up?

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Noura said...

The way we were raised in Syria is Politic is none of our business. Assad was unchangeable fact for us!
But I am chocked with the silence of people who were raised here in the states!!