Sunday, March 20, 2011

Re-launching Damascene Thoughts

Friends, in the wake of the historic events in the Middle East and developments here in the US, I am re-launching my blog Damascene Thoughts where I intend to share my thoughts, musings and analyses on the current events.

In particular I will be focusing on the revolutions in the Arab World as they have been a great source of my inspiration. I am interested in exploring not just the unfolding events, but the larger context in which they are played out, as well as their global ramifications.

Any feedback on the new design is greatly appreciated.


dudley said...

Good to see your blog active again. Looking forward to reading!

baalk said...

wow, I read your description and I feel EXACTLY the same about my identity issues. I am a Syrian Canadian and I too came to realize I am above having to identify totally to one or the other. I will be following your blog.


abulyas said...

Basel, I am honered to share these sentiments with a fellow Syrian expat. Thanks for following!

abulyas said...

Welcome back my dear friend @Dudley.