Saturday, March 26, 2011

Syria's Revolution has Arrived - March 25

March 25th will be a date to remember in the history of Syria. Tomorrow morning Syrians will wake up knowing that they have yet taken another step towards the impossible.

Thousands in Marjeh, Downtown Damascus:

Sit-in at Douma - Damascus:

Daraa: Statue of Hafiz Al-Assad Destroyed

Bashar’s Poster in Daraa gets torn as protesters shout Freedom Freedom

Hafiz Al-Assad’s Poster in Homs gets torn

Douma – Damascus:

Deir Ezzor: small protest in support of Daraa. “No more Fear”

Dariyyah: protest in support of Daraa. “Syrian People Will Not Be Humiliated.”

Idlib: Small but vociferous and straightforward. “Arabs and Kurds United Against The President Of The Country.”

Zabadani: “Syrian People Will Not Be Humiliated”

Zabadani: “We’re Coming Daraa”

Mazzeh – Damascus: “They Took Everything And Left Us Nothing.”

Mouaddamiyyah – Damascus: “Where Are You Syrians,” “We Sacrifice Our Soul and Blood For You, Daraa” and “Silmiyyeh, Silmiyyeh, Peacefully, Peacefully, We Want Freedom.” One protester explains to crowd: “this means we don’t have weapons.” Three were shot dead later by security.

Marjeh - Downtown Damascus:

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